What is Feminish Collection?


The purpose behind Feminish Collection is to give women of all ways of life a trendy boutique where any women of any size can find something for different occasions in her life. Feminish Collections main priority is to keep every woman looking and feeling fabulous and confident about oneself image.

Tiffany came up with the word Feminish Collection to involve all cultures and sizes of women. She feels that all women should have a boutique that is centered around every walk of fashion and size.  Tiffany is not only an entrepreneur, but she is a strong believer in women equality and feels that just because we as women have the identity of a woman does not mean that you can do any less because of that identity. The terminology Women does not define our role or our work ethics in this world.


She is also a mother and a wife. As a young girl, Tiffany always liked clothing and shoes. She liked to be different and always went by the saying 'dare to be different, dare to stand out and be seen,' it's something that grew on her over the years with establishing her own self-image and style. She also knew that fashion was not just about name brand and high end clothing that cost a lot, but it was about taking what you have or what you can afford and bringing to life.


Your style, your image, your life that’s what Feminish Collection stand for!

Tiffany Roy. Founder of Feminish Collection